Meet Arian and Dennis

Arian and Dennis are just two of the children we support on the Miale Child Support Project in Kibera. Here are their stories…..


Arian Ogoo

My name is Arian Ogoo, I’m twelve years old and I am in Class Seven of Ayany Primary School.

Since I joined Johari my daily life has totally changed. I get meals every day and I got a new school uniform to replace my old, torn one.

The class I am in right now is good because we have good teachers, Mrs Asego is our maths teacher. The weather in January was a bit cold because there was so much rain.

This month we have been studying for our mid term exams, I have been studying hard and I intend to pass and be in the top 5. We are getting lots of food through the Miale Food Project and we never miss a day’s food. I know we will be really healthy because we are given all kinds of food.

I promise that I will work hard so that one day I can help other people in need. I hope to take my Mum to live in Runda or Lavington. (Posh areas in Nairobi!)


My name is Dennis. I am in Class Seven in Ayany Primary School.

We went back to school on  the 8th of January. Our teacher, Mrs Asego gave us new uniforms. In Kenya, January is very hot and windy but in the morning is very cold and you have to wear a pullover.

On the 13th of January we did our mid-term examinations. Here are my results: Maths 78%, English 50%, Science 80%, Social Studies 75%, Kiswahili 68%. My total is 350/500. There are 70 pupils in my class and I hope I will be number one.


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