Meet Lucy Adhiambo

Lucy is 18 years old and lives in Kibera with her elder sister Everline. She has been a beneficiary of the Miale Child Support Project since 2006.

Lucy has a total of four siblings: – 1st born is Everline Odhiambo who is 30 years and earns her living by plaiting, 2nd born is Olga Odhiambo who lives upcountry with their Grandmother, 3rd is Abigail Odhiambo who is also in the Miale Child Support Project. Abigail completed Form Four in 2009 and attained a D+ The 4th born is Lucy and the last born is Collins Odhiambo who also lives upcountry with their Grandmother.

Lucy is a total orphan as both her parents died when she was young. She still misses her parents very much and says life is difficult without her parents. There used to be days that they would go hungry because of lack of money. She really appreciates what Johari has done for her. Johari came to her life as a blessing and she prays that the project continue supporting other children in Kibera.

Before Johari, Lucy had lost hope in finishing her education, Johari made her dream come true. Johari has helped her with school fees, given her food and most of all it has given her courage to face the future.

Lucy’s interests are reading novels and socializing with people. She attended Green Valley High School in Limuru and recently completed her KCSE in 2009 and attained a B-. Now that she has completed high school she would like to study to be an accountant. She is looking forward to joining college. This week, she joins Francis Kanyoi the Johari Accountant to get an insight into the work of an accountant and gain some valuable work experience.

Lucy is a very hard working girl; she is soft spoken and has a bright future. She likes to come to the centre to assist with the kids. If given a chance she should continue with her studies because she is a bright girl who can perform well.

Miale Social Worker
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